Plants for your beauty and your mind

Plants for your beauty and mind

In cooperation with Linea Shop

Gift set for graduates

We’re partnering with the wonderful hair care brand Linea Natura to bring you the best hair care you can find in Estonia. With the line, we are giving away 10 sets of shampoo and hair mask and Marcella Bali hair oil. These kits are a great gift for a school teacher or just to pamper yourself.

Rich care for your hair, beauty and mind

Our favourite ingredient is the ceremonial flower of Bali – Frangipani. We have chosen the Bali flower for its sweet fragrance, one of the most enticing scents due to its sensual and soul-soothing properties.

The oleic and linoleic acids in kukui oil help restore the hair’s natural moisture levels, resulting in shinier, more vibrant hair. Fig Tree restores hair strength and helps to accelerate natural hair growth.

All the ingredients have been intuitively selected based on aromatherapy teachings from Indonesia.

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Plants for your beauty and your mind

Luxurious ingredients from Bali

Plants for your beauty and your mind

Luxurious ingredients from Bali

Frequently asked questions

Fittingly, the hair oil is made from 100% natural ingredients. Also suitable for fine hair as the oil washes off easily and does not leave hair greasy. Also suitable for oily hair that quickly starts to hold on to your head and needs washing every day. Longer-lasting hair oil has been shown to balance the secretion of sebum, resulting in cleaner hair for longer.

In this case, we recommend that you only use hair oil on the hair below the keratin attachment. Suitable for use to moisturise and increase the vitality of extensions.

As the product also contains natural coconut oil, which solidifies at 23 degrees Celsius, the hair oil may differ from the product photos when it reaches you in cold weather. We recommend placing the bottle in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes until the oil is liquid again. It is also suitable for keeping under hot water in the sink. In colder weather, store in a warm bathroom for more comfortable use. If the room temperature is below 23 degrees then the hair oil is in solid form!

We recommend using 2 times a week just before washing your hair. Keep on your head for a minimum of 30minutes up to all night. Based on customer experience, we can also recommend to keep the hair oil on your head for 24h or more if this happens. If you’re at home and can’t be bothered to wash your hair before you leave the house, feel free to keep the oil on your head for longer than a night.

Yes, hair oil can stain bed linen. We recommend sleeping with a nightcap or adding an extra towel/towel to the pillow that is easy to wash.

Yes. The hair oil contains 100% natural and naturally derived ingredients. As the product contains natural essential oils, the scent may be intense for some people. Inspired by Bali’s lush and blooming nature, the main scents are flowers and blossoms. If you are sensitive to smells during pregnancy, we recommend you come to the store to try the product or to ask a friend to try it.

No. The hair oil contains only natural ingredients, which in no way alter the hair tone.

Feedback from customers

I’ve been using hair oil on and off for over a year. The best hair oil I have ever used. My hair feels so good after using hair oil. Hair is so healthy, no breakage and so beautiful long THANK YOU for the hair oil.. Thank youThank youThank you Marcella for making something so wonderful for us women. #Rapunzel


I’ve now had two uses of the hair oil and to be honest I can already see the difference as incredible as it is. My hair otherwise goes black very quickly, because of the fine hair, the hair is close to my head and I don’t use oily products at all otherwise. Somehow, this oil works in such a way that for the first time in years, I have had perfectly fine hair (i.e. not heavy and frizzy) the second day after washing. Amazing, to be honest. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next once I’ve been using it for a while.


I’m just fascinated by this hair oil. Nice smell and most importantly it works – like real! Hair really does grow and is much healthier. I started using it at the end of May and when I went to the hairdresser in July, the hairdresser complimented me on the length of my hair. Thank you, dear Marcella.

About the creator


Marcella has always felt a very strong bond with her hair. For him, hair is not just a beautiful ornament to wear, it is very much about intuition. Her hair has taught her patience, gentleness and commitment. Marcella had always wanted very long and strong hair and thanks to this wish, she started looking for answers and experimenting on herself.

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