Blue Lotus – whole flowers

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Connect with ancient Egyptian practices, where your daily tea drinking becomes a soul-refreshing experience that leads you to timeless wisdom and spiritual awakening. Blue Lotus tea – a ritual plant that connects you to the spiritual heritage of ancient civilisations and opens the door to deeper levels of consciousness.

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Step onto the paths of ancient wisdom and feminine mysticism with our Blue Lotus Path. Blue Lotus, used by the wise priestesses of ancient Egypt, has been valued throughout the ages for its profound spiritual properties and therapeutic effects.

Each drop of Blue Lotus tea is like a gentle but powerful elixir for today’s goddesses who want to nourish their body, mind and spirit.

Hand-harvested from organic farm, each sip of our Blue Lotus tea will take you into a deeply relaxed and peaceful state, helping to relieve stress and anxiety and promoting restful sleep. Receive the calming effects of the Blue Lotus, opening the path to higher levels of consciousness, awakening intuition and guiding the spiritual journey.

Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, Blue Lotus offers a holistic approach to well-being, supporting overall health and vitality. Whether you are seeking relief from menstrual pains, want to improve your mood and cognitive function, or crave a natural aphrodisiac to ignite passion and sensuality, Blue Lotus tea is a sacred companion on the path to inner balance and empowerment.

Meet the magic of the ancient Blue Lotus path and discover the transformative power of this divine flower. Let its delicate petals whisper ancient secrets and awaken the goddess within. Surrender to the feminine energy of Blue Lotus and elevate your tea drinking experience to a sacred journey of self-discovery and healing.

Blue Lotus plant characteristics:

  • Relaxation and Stress Relief: Blue Lotus contains compounds that help to relax, relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Sleep support:Known for its calming effects, Blue lotus can help promote restful sleep, creating a relaxed state and reducing symptoms of insomnia.
  • Mood enhancing: blue lotus has mood-enhancing properties that can help boost mood, promote happiness and reduce symptoms of mild depression.
  • Cognitive enhancement: Blue Lotus improves mental clarity, concentration and cognitive function by improving speed and clarity of thought.
  • Spiritual property: Blue Lotus is used in meditation and spiritual practices to deepen intuition, open the third eye and connect with higher levels of consciousness.
  • Aphrodisiac: Blue lotus has historically been used as an aphrodisiac, enhancing sexual pleasure and increasing intimacy.

Making tea:
Bring 1-3 flowers to the boil in a pot.
Or place the flowers in a teapot/large cup and pour over boiling water. Leave to infuse under the lid for 6-8 min. Pour the whips collected under the lid back into the tea.

One flower becomes 2 cup of tea.

For a aromatic bath:
Add a touch of luxury to your bath ritual: add whole flowers to your bath while bathing. Use flowers to exfoliate the body.


Each packet is 10 grams and contains about 8-10 flowers.
Store in a dry, dark cupboard out of direct sunlight.

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